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Rules to be followed by Students

Students should read the rules and regulations before signing the application form. Click here to view the rules in Nepali.

Hostel Rules for Students

Let us make it clear that there are several "types of hostels," and that each style of hostel has its own set of rules and regulations, before you begin reading these guidelines. Here, We included the regulations that were set by 'Nepal Hostel Assiciation (NeHA)'.

Students must fill out an admission form in the presence of a parent. While filling the form, photocopy of Citizenship / License / ID-card must be attached to reveal the photo and identity.

The management of all the time except the time period of the college institute will be as prescribed by the administration. If students have to leave the hostel, they have to fill the log book with the permission of the hostel management / administration also stay the night. If you have to go for a long time, leave with the written or verbal recommendation of the parent with the approval of the hostel administration is needed.

Students must enter by 6:30 pm in the winter months and by 7:30 pm in the summer months. Only local parents and parents mentioned in the form will be allowed to visit the students. In other special circumstances, it can be visited with the permission of the hostel management / administration. Except for the first time enrolling a student, no parents or visitors will be allowed to enter the room directly.

Students will not be allowed to keep expensive jewelery, cash and other valuables in the hostel. Hostel in case of loss Management / administration will not be accountable.

Students will not be allowed to engage in illegal activities such as alcohol, smoking, alcohol, drug use and garbage in the hostel. If found to have done so, the hostel management / administration may even evict them immediately.

If the physical property of the hostel is vandalized or if any damage is found, the same student can be billed by charging a fee as per damaged.

The student has to pay the monthly fee in advance by the 5th of every month, otherwise the daily rate of Rs. 50 / - will be deducted. In addition, it has to be submitted within 7 days. If it is not submitted within 12 days, the hostel management / administration has given a final warning. Eviction can also be done.

Hostel noise, fights, going to someone else's room, moving someone else's luggage and doing and doing something that interferes with someone in that case, eviction can be done

Any fees and deposit paid by the expelled students as per 8, 9, 10 and 11 will not be refunded. Students will be fed only according to the time and menu, but some facilities in case of illness can be given.

If the student does not stay in the hostel for more than 15 consecutive days (while on vacation) the monthly fee will be reduced by one third (eg monthly fee x1 / 3 x 1/30 x on vacation days) and this facility will be available only once a year. However, the rule will not apply to short-term and (up to 6 months) students.

The hostel operator will not be held accountable in the event of any future incident such as: suicide, disappearance while leaving the hostel, loss of contact, road accident, runaway marriage of the student and other unpleasant incidents.

If the students have any problem other than the above mentioned, the solution can be found by coordinating with the hostel management / administration.